Copycat Live, Dynamic Data Masking solution that centralizes data security.
Dynamic Data Masking solution that centralizes data security. CopyCat Live works as a proxy between the database and applications. All SQL statements are parsed and processed by CopyCat Live to identify user role and data that user intent to access. Based on user’s role data rejected, masked or encrypted.

  • Functional Features:
    • Easy and fast installation.
    • Role based easy to use web GUI.
    • Compatible and works smoothly with all applications (Toad, Dbeaver, BO, MSTR, Web GUI applications etc.).
    • Allows users to define different role-based security levels.
    • Any data on network package such as connection information (jdbc, odbc, etc), network information (IP, host name, mac address, etc), application information (name of the application accessing the data) can be used to change user role dynamically.
    • In addition to dozens of masking/encryption/anonymization methods; data hiding (columns or rows hiding), conditional masking, data scrambling, row count limiting, etc are also supported.
    • Enables users to create and use their own custom masking algorithm.
    • Query type based authorization can be done. This role cannot execute insert, update or delete statements.
    • Time interval can be attached the rules or roles. Managers can see unmasked data between 08:00 and 17:00. On other time user can see only masked data.
    • Has real-time warning and alarm mechanism.
    • All SQL statements and user operations are logged.
  • Technical Features:
    • Multi instance, process and thread support.
    • Has horizontal architecture for high availability and load balancing
    • LDAP integration support to login administration interface.
    • Supports mainly used relational databases:
      • Oracle
      • SQL Server
      • IBM DB2 (LUV, Z/Os)
      • PostgreSQL